Best Time To Visit

Kangra has a cool climate all throughout the year. But, ideal time to look at the amazing Kangra Town is from September to June. Tourists may likely keep off January by reason of the intolerance of harsh} and freezy winter time.
1. Summers Season- (March to June) - are hot with temperature ranges between 22 °C to 38 °C. But anybody can also be amazed by an instant change in the weather conditions anytime. This summer is best for experiencing all types of tourist activities. Mainly, advantageous lovers and trekking travelers like this time to visit.
2. Monsoons (July to September) - with the begging of July, the monsoons comes in town. Throughout the season, town obtains quite heavy rainfalls which are quite messy. The Kangra town obtains the second highest spell of rain every year. Tourists and visitors should avoid heavy rainfall days in July and August, if they can. Due to the fact, roads becomes quite slippery in these days. Afterwards, September to November is ideal for Sight seeing, Temple visits, Outings and Trekking.

3. Winters (December to February) - With the minimum temperature being below 4°C, this city witnesses chilling and freezing winters. Snowfall is a very common sight throughout these months, making the atmosphere incredibly pleasant.

You may Visit Kangra, throughout the year. There are distinctive timings to taste the distinctive flavors of this place. Like if you would like adventurous trekking in its hilly areas so come here in the months of March to June. The ideal time to visit Kangra to enjoy the pleasant beauty of the mountains covered with fresh snow is December to February.